As a lay led organization, it takes a lot of work to keep things running smoothly. We encourage members and friends to get involved and have a number of committees and other opportunities to do so. Many hands make light work.

Service Committee

The service committee is at the heart of our Fellowship. They plan and coordinate all of our services, ensuring we align closely to the seven principles while catering to the wants/needs of the congregation. This is no easy task! A great deal of work is involved, from determining topics, recruiting speakers, performing special music, selecting applicable readings and hymns, and more. These are the people you see coordinating the services every Sunday, so give them a big thanks when you see them. Even if you don’t wish to take an active role in the committee, there are things you can do to get involved, and this committee is not restricted to members. Being a greeter, opening/closing, lighting the chalice and suggesting topics of interest all fall under the service committee. Contact the committee to discuss your contribution.

Strategic Planning

The winds of change are a-blowin. The Fellowship has been a constant source of liberal religion in the community for more than 50 years, and we recognize the need to update our vision, mission and objectives. We feel we provide a valuable service to the community, but if we can’t articulate that service we risk being seen as “just another church”. The strategic planning committee is made up of members who are committed to the future of the Fellowship, and want to see us endure the next 50 years. Contact the chair of the committee with questions or to get involved.

Childcare – Nursery

It can be hard to find reliable childcare, so sometimes we need members and friends to step up to the task. Contact the childcare recruiter to have your name added to our backup provider list.

Religious Education Facilitators

We aim to have a well rounded religious education program, serving youth through adults. To accomplish this we need members and friends who are interested in teaching our youth during Sunday services, as well folks to plan and lead ongoing adult gatherings outside of Sunday services. We are currently struggling to provide adult RE opportunities, so if this is something you are passionate about, contact the RE chair for more info. 

Special Events Coordination

Members and friends are highly encouraged to plan and organize special events. Because we have limited staff, we rely on our congregants to help provide opportunities for connection outside of Sunday services. Events can be held at the Fellowship or elsewhere, and can be one time or recurring. Examples of such events are movie and discussion nights, book groups, yoga/exercise, parent meet ups, cleaning days, etc. Please note recurring events unrelated (but not counter) to our vision/mission can be held at the Fellowship for a monthly fee dependent on usage needs (see building rental page). Contact the office with your event ideas, and to see a list of events, look here.

Social Action Task Forces

The 7 principles of Unitarian Universalism lend themselves well to a multitude of social causes, and as UU’s we are not afraid to stand up for human rights and answer the call to social justice. Though we are a small organization, we strive to actively promote, support and engage in local causes that are important to our congregants. If you would like to organize or communicate an event, feel free to submit the event to our events calendar or contact the office with details about your event.

Building Committee and Task Forces

The building committee takes care of minor maintenance and landscaping duties, keeping sidewalks clear in the winter, etc. Occasionally, building duties require more of a “task force” mindset, reaching outside the committee and utilizing additional support to complete a larger task. Contact the building chair if you’d like to get involved.


This is probably the easiest way to get involved, as it requires no communication ahead of time or ongoing commitment. Nothing brings people together like food, and we like to have plenty at our coffee hour. We welcome anyone who would like to bring snacks and drinks to do so at any service. In addition, once a month we have a pot luck lunch after the service coined “soup Sunday”. People bring extra helpings of soups, breads, cheese, dips, etc. on these days. The only thing we ask is that you label any allergens (I.e. contains nuts) and try to keep things relatively healthy.

Members Enjoying Coffee Hour

Sunday Morning Duties

There are a lot of moving parts to the successful execution of a service each week, from greeting people at the door to shutting off the lights and locking up after a service. Contact the service committee if you’d like to help out with some of these easy but essential tasks.

Financial Support

Of course, the Fellowship wouldn’t be able to fulfill it’s mission and vision if it weren’t for the generous pledges of its members and donations from friends and community members. Our annual budget includes service specific items such as the minister and weekly speakers ($50-$150 per service), UUA national and regional dues ($75 per member), music ($50 per service) and childcare ($15 per service), along with typical operating expenses such as building utilities ($200 per month), communications and marketing ($500), and general maintenance costs (varies). We hope that the convenience of online giving allows more flexibility in fulfilling pledges, but all donations in any form are gratefully received.

*Please note if you are paying your pledge through PayPal you will need to increase it by 5% due to the processing fees. For example, if your monthly pledge is $100, please submit $105.

Personal Info

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