Unitarian Universalists encompass a large variety of beliefs, so we are open to celebrating religious holidays of any faith. We may or may not have special services for religious holidays, depending on the demographics of the congregation. We offer opportunities throughout the year to learn about world religious holidays and traditions, and may incorporate various rituals and songs throughout our services and religious education programs.


Welcoming Waters

The first service of the program year in September is our Welcoming Waters service, where members and friends are invited to bring along a sample of water from anywhere they went during the summer. The water is then intermingled to represent flowing back together after the more casual and less frequent Summer service schedule.

Justice Sunday

Once a year, members committed to social justice present a service bringing recent or ongoing social justice issues to light. Often times this coincides with Martin Luther King day.

Flower Communion

The last service of the program year in May is the Flower Communion. Attendees are encouraged to bring a flower to the service.The flowers are commingled and each person in attendance takes a turn selecting a flower out of the spread, to symbolize how we each brought growth to the community and in turn, received it back in other ways.

Child Dedication

Membership Ceremonies