Joy Justicia

Reverend Jim Coakley (Minister)

Rev. Jim Coakley is our part-time minister. He lives in Appleton, WI with his family and travels to Stevens Point often for Sunday services, planning meetings and SPUUF social events. He performs weddings, funerals and child dedications as part of his ministerial duties at the Fellowship, as well as participating in various committee meetings. To read more about Reverend Jim and his ministry, click here.

Joy Justicia

Kelly Tielens (President)

A Christian believes that God created man in his image. A humanist believes that Man created God in his image. Me? I think the question is irrelevant. I think how you treat people is more important than what you believe. The world is rapidly evolving and we are constantly being bombarded with new information. What was true yesterday is now an alternative fact. Because of this availability of information, I will never personally come to a conclusion about the big questions in life. That would mean I think I have all the answers, and I hope I am never that arrogant.


Mary Arnold (Treasurer)

Mary is a long time member of the Fellowship and has been serving as our treasurer for several years now. As well as serving on our board of directors, she is an active member of both the service and strategic planning committees.

 Joy Justicia

Jenny Howard (Past President)

Hi! I have been a member of SPUUF since around 1990, and find it a very welcoming community. I have lived in the Stevens Point area for over 30 years, but came here via England, where I was born and raised, and Denmark, where I lived for eight years. I was raised in the Methodist and Quaker traditions, but am glad to have found in UUs a group that matches my beliefs (or lack thereof).  I am retired now after a varied career, including teaching English, selling travel insurance, and running a literacy program. I have two adult daughters, Anna and Lisa, and one grandchild, George, who live in Madison. When not spending time with my family, I enjoy gardening, reading, swimming, biking and hiking as well as attending LIFE programs at the university.


Brooke Decker (Secretary and Admin)

Brooke is our indispensable administrative assistant as well as the secretary of our board. This is her second year serving as chair of the RE committee, and she is also very involved with the newly formed strategic planning committee.